The Transition Manager's Creed.

Transition Management is a specific kind of management.

It is required at specific historical moments in the life of an organization, corporation, city, country or planet.

That moment is the transformation from one state of being to another.

The Transition Manager facilitates the process of the transformation by combining the vantage points of strategic planning and project management and forging an environment in which the creative energies of a group of people can function for mutual and planetary advancement.

The role and duties of the Transition Manager are specific, and the ethical framework of the Transition Manager is of the highest order.

The Transition Manager may or may not be in an apparent position of authority or power; s/he may or may not be recognized for the work performed--these issues are circumstantial and a matter of practical consideration.

The Transition Manager works for no agency alone, s/he pledges allegiance to life, planet Earth, humankind, and the community within which s/he works.

The Transition Manager is responsible for life's quest to reach a higher order of being, manifested in specific accomplishments.

No matter what wok role or position the Transition Manager assumes, s/he functions from sapient authority in the performance of the duties.

Organizations in transformation are in the mature phase or exist in an environment that is in a mature phase of its life cycle. In those circumstances, human credibility, certification and authority are based on the assumptions of the old paradigm that is undergoing severe stresses.

The Transition Manager maintains the ability to operate in two different, and often hostile, environments; this ability is essential to creating the bridge necessary for successful transformations.

The Transition Manager must remain free from entrapment by either the old or the new; the correct vantage point is from both and from a healthy transition with no commitment to a predetermined outcome in the specific.

The Transition Manager's fiduciary responsibility requires that s/he gain not undue advantage from the experience.  (Copyright © 1982, MG Taylor, Gail and Matt Taylor)