Tomorrow Makers Manifesto

 Below is a draft.  I think it expreses the art of tomorrow making.  Presented here to weigh and consider.  

Tomorrow Makers is a peer-to-peer organization. Each Tomorrow Maker is trusted to contribute, learn, give feedback and maintain the growing network as a healthy spirited forward moving agency of change agents. 

Gathered under the name Tomorrow Makers are individuals, communities, governing bodies, global and regional organizations of both profit and not for profit make-up. Yet, ultimately each member is a responsible individual coming together in mutual learning. 

As Tomorrow Makers we honor our heritage, share and give credit where credit is due. We understand we are creating something far greater than any of us could do on our own, or any organization or network could do on its own. We continually create, experiment, document, and grow as community, as an individual, as a better world in the becoming. 

As Tomorrow Makers we realize we are richer with diversity, wiser with multiple ways of learning, gifted through ancient ways of knowing, inspired by imaginations and universal love. 

As Tomorrow Makers, we do not invest our energies in fights or holding onto the old. We do not sell our belief systems. Rather we attract, we give rise to better ways, more thoughtful decisions and practices. Others join with us.  

As Tomorrow Makers we divest our selves of the old economy rules and regulations and build forward creating new ways to share with a new understanding of abundance that we can all believe in and work for. 

As Tomorrow Makers we fail, practice, learn, enjoy each other's hunger to bring about the changes in hearts and mind for a future without war, without poverty or slavery.  

As Tomorrow Makers we take responsibility and take part in designing the future, to carry us through phase transitions that sum up to a healthy new paradigm, one that offers opportunities for right livelihood to every living thing. 

As Tomorrow Makers we recognize technology to be a critical tool for helping us realize our goals and work to employ and steer it into positive, life-giving directions.  

We are cathedral builders in that we give thanks to the shoulders we stand on, and give thanks to those who will follow in our footsteps.  Mutual learning is apparent in all our transactions.