Finding Our Way Forward: Like yours, our lives are a whirlwind these days. We’ve met so many people inspiring us with wonderful visions of the future. So, we are refining how we find our way forward. Here’s what that looks like to the founders of Tomorrow Makers. We are also updating content on our site. Many people have expressed how rich the content is, so enjoy and we welcome your feedback.

A New OS for Humanity 

The competitive win/lose OS that globalized humankind is broken. It endangers us in a perfect storm of crises. We seek an alternative OS that engages us all in massive cooperation toward a win/win world. Indeed, this is our evolutionary imperative to mature as a species. We know that only by building a new model can we make the old one obsolete.

Gaming a Risk-free Future 

How do we build this new, win/win OS? We become gamers. We evoke “group genius” as we design massive, multiplayer games for both on and offline play. In this virtual playground, we are trying new ways of living in greater harmony. We challenge the fundamentals of the current OS (such as unfair land ownership and money systems based on debt rather than shared abundance). Games, you see, offer us feedback without risk. We can truly explore birthing an entirely new operating system for humanity in fun, collaborative and creative ways.

Chrysalis as Incubator 

Here's the process we use to build our playground. We employ the DesignShop method for eliciting group genius. (Communities, corporations and governments have succeeded with this method for more than three decades around the world.) Tomorrow Makers' specific DesignShop we call “Chrysalis.” It's our metaphor for turning fat consumer caterpillars into butterflies that live lightly on Earth. Through this, we intend to co-create a wide variety of new OS games to be played everywhere, from local communities and schools to massive online platforms. 

We the People

This is not the work of government, corporations, or institutions. We the people must take our power – and responsibility. We have the tools, education, connection and spirit to design a holistic system from the ground up. Indeed, we see millions of individuals and thousands of groups with initiatives now underway. Like us, they envision better ways to live, work, and play together. We know it is possible to live with the Earth, to cherish her, to restore her, while living with a new appreciation of abundance and gratitude. The Tomorrow Makers game will help us find new ways of seeing, understanding, and practicing the art of creation. Our human spirit quickens and awakens to the epic capacities within each of us. 

The Time is Now…

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A brief overview of how we the people will upgrade humanity's operating system, through playful engagement in a global, infinite game.

How We Work

Tomorrow Makers is a community and a movement. We intend to host a series of annual experiences called Chrysalis. In this safe space, defectors from the current operating system will come together for five days. We tackle the single biggest challenge we can think of: imagineering an entirely new operating system for humanity. Collectively, we attract individuals from around the world who yearn for systematic change. Tomorrow Makers allows them to find each other and to come together in ways not previously possible. We use a process proven over almost 30 years called DesignShopping. Each event sparks the magic we call Group Genius. Imagine that phenomenal moment where you and your group relax into perfect flow. Where you discover simultaneous realizations and new ways of seeing/being. Where you bring in a higher order of thought, brilliant objectives, and grand possibilities never dared before. There's no going back!

Indeed, Chrysalis groups (and you) arrive at a land of infinite possibilities, energized by fresh strategies and daring, genius approaches. We then feed these results into the next design iteration of our game. Learn more about Chrysalis or discover the history of DesignShops.

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Like caterpillars undergoing metamorphosis within the safety of a chrysalis, our participants are the imaginal cells. Our genius awakens when the time is right for the transition. That time is now.

Our first event will bring together 100 curated creators, thinkers and doers. They will come from a range of disciplines, ages and cultures to play together. Results from each Chrysalis will feed into a grand, global and infinite game, the playing of which will prepare humanity for a new, harmonious way to live.

Our experiences with clients such as the World Economic Forum, the Foresight Institute for Nanotechnology, and the Cure for Brain Cancer Foundation give us confidence in claiming that gaming can – and will – go well beyond anything we can possibly imagine.

If you’re a gamer, activist, technologist, philanthropist, or simply curious, then we welcome you! Get involved here.

Anyone can apply to join Chrysalis.

The Game

We seek to collectively build an infinite, planetary-scale game inspired by – but reaching far beyond – Buckminster Fuller’s World Game. This new game is the tool by which we socially engineer a new culture, one based on the principles of Nature's healthy living economies.

We are coming to know the wonder and beauty and hard-earned lessons of our partner, Earth. Our mutual learning and doing process will result in games open to all ages and all cultures. The highly engaging game—played online and offline, in groups and alone—shifts mindsets and reframes the art of the possible for “We the People.”

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