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Our Mission

To evoke the collective genius of huge numbers of people to design, develop and play an infinite game, which is inspired by Nature and leads us to the cultural changes required for humanity to step gracefully into maturity.

To achieve this by convening global experiences that elicit Group Genius, going well beyond what people think is possible. Our strategy is to channel the resulting Group Genius through Massively Multiplayer Online (and offline) Gaming. Feedback loops from players of the game will guide the emergence of an entirely new operating system for humanity. Our guiding principle is that only by changing the underlying system can we address the multitude of symptoms indicative of the end of the youthful phase of a specie.

How Humanity Works

Humans have come together in different ways throughout history, reflecting increasing levels of our specie’s maturity. During the Agricultural Revolution we came together as farmers and consumers of crops. In the Industrial Revolution we came together as designers, engineers, builders and consumers of processed foods. In the Digital Revolution we came together as technologists, activists, gamers, bloggers, vloggers, philanthropists and consumers of “fake news.”

What if we could use the tools we’ve built through the ages to come together in entirely new ways? What if playing a game held the key to navigating our collective crisis of meaning? What if Nature could guide us through the perfect storm of ecological, political, idealogical and economic crises we’re navigating? Watch:

Click to view a 12-minute overview of TomorrowMakers’ approach to upgrading humanity's operating system through playful engagement in a global, infinite game.

How We Work

Tomorrow Makers, founded in 2002, is a community, movement, and a series of engaging experiences designed to imagineer an entirely new operating system for humanity.  Our annual five-day “Group Genius” events bring together 100 curated creators, thinkers and doers at a time, across a range of disciplines, ages and cultures. Our experiences with such clients as the World Economic Forum, the Foresight Institute for Nanotechnology, and the Cure for Brain Cancer give us confidence in claiming that game creators can and will go well beyond anything we can possibly imagine.  


We’re collectively building a planetary-scale infinite game, inspired by—but reaching far beyond—Buckminster Fuller’s World Game. The game is the tool by which we socially engineer a new culture, one based on the principles of Nature's healthy living economies.

We are coming to know the wonder and beauty and hard-earned lessons of our partner, Earth. Our mutual learning and doing process will net a game open to all ages, all people. The highly engaging game—played online and offline, in groups and alone—shifts mindsets and reframes the art of the possible for “we the People.”


We run annual invitation-only DesignShops, in which we spark Group Genius. Group Genius is something which cannot adequately be defined in scientific terms, but it emerges at that magical moment in time during a semi-structured group activity when participants experience the phenomenon of flow, of simultaneous realizations. That moment opens new possibilities and different ways of seeing things, and there’s no going back for the group. A higher order of thought brings new objectives, new possibilities not seen before.

Each DesignShop ends with a fresh strategy, process, approach, realization or “adjacent possible.” These outputs are then fed into the next design iteration of our game.

Anyone can apply to join a DesignShop.

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If you’re a gamer, activist, technologist, philanthropist, or simply curious, there are plenty of ways you can get involved.

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