Books, Books, Books

Read not to contradict and confute, not to believe and take for granted, not to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider.
Sir Francis Bacon, English author, courtier, & philosopher (1561 - 1626)

After a long dry spell with reading, I am now absorbing a number of delicious books. Delicious to me means that they delight my senses and excite my knowingness.  They ring true in my heart and soul and make me happy that I am part of the human race. 

The five books I highlight here are well researched and  each gives direction to a new paradigm in formation.  They help me understand the nuances of the old, industrial paradigm, while providing exciting and tested new ideas that exemplify an exciting new world. 

I try to read much as Sir Francis Bacon advises in the opening quote.  I don't read to find absolute facts nor do I think there is such a thing as totally unbiased research. Over the last few years my usual optimism has faded and infact I have ocassionally dropped into a real funk about the state of the world.  The ideas of the authors. along with an increasing number of articles and papers, lead me to "weighing and considering" hope and possibility again.  I am thinking the tide is turning and that the human search for meaning is maturing, full of hope and actionable ideas.  I am sure we have rough times ahead but for me, it is great to have these guiding lights ahead. The authors and writers of these books are all practical and visionary.  They lay down exciting trips of possibilitiy. That's my kind of book. 

I have only finished reading Reality is Broken. I have just perused the others, digesting the table of contents, poking through some of the chapters. Each is perturbing, especially as I read them syntopically.   In many ways the content is not new to me and may not be new to you. But I am refreshed and find myself remembering what I think is the real, natural human consciousness, rather than the one we came to know through the industrial age.   You'll find out more about the books by visiting the Tomorrow Makers Book Shelf.

Now You See It, by Cathy Davidson
Reality is Broken, by Jane McGonigal.
The Mind, edited by John Brockman
Culture, edited by John Brockman
The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch