... Rise WITH the Occasion

Everyday our children spread their dreams beneath our feet.  (paraphrased from Sir Ken Robinson's TedTalk, referring to a poem by William Yeats.)

"A three year old is not half a six year old."  Both of these comments are from Sir Ken Robinson's 1010 Ted Talk.  Eighteen minutes and he can say so much.  This is definitely a talk worth watching.  I claim that we (most of us) understand what Sir Ken is saying. People from all economic sectors, races, cultures, understand his words and concepts.

How is it then that we are so slow to embrace the unknown? As Sir Ken emphasizes as he quotes Abraham Lincoln:  "we must rise with the occasion, not to it." That implies that we are all in this together. We are going into the unknown with each other, supporting each other, having the resources to seek together.  This is what a revolution is all about.  Let's get back in touch with real, vital, life-giving education.

Sir Ken Robinson says it all with humor and seriousness.  Let's undergo this revolution together student by student ... dream by dream.  I think it is time for a Slow Education movement.