Cycles of Change

"Architecture, according to Wright, turns each moment into an act of living art. Great art expresses what is important and reminds us to remember our aspirations and dreams and not give them up." from an article by Matt Taylor on the Sydney Opera House.

Matt's story of the Opera House reminds me a working assumption that we hold.  It takes two generations for a a bold new idea to take hold and begin the journey of becoming ubiquitous and used appropriately. 

The 70's were so full with alternative ideas and beautiful experiments in environmental consciousness, agriculture, currencies, health, and education. [As I find more links, I will add them] Yet, few were able to take hold, grow and prosper. Most died in the 80's but some went underground or fell into the background yet still maintained a foothold on reality. Those that did are coming full cycle and beginning to seed and grow again. Many are at the root of forming the new paradigm, which Todd and I call Panarchy. 

Journal pages about long term visions and The Long Now also speak to the timing. As we move into the second generation of the 1970s experiments and offerings, we can see once again how crisp and sharp the ideas were. And as we seek new solutions, In order to come full cycle, it is essential to look back, to collect and gather, learn from and give credit to those ideas and the people behind them.

As we gather our strength to design forward, to craft the transformation from one paradigm to another, let's work together bringing the ideas of the 70's which are still rich and deep together with the fresh minds and hearts, technologies, and the unfolding meaning for becoming human.

If ever there was a time when Humanity has to remember our best aspirations and see beyond the petty conflicts and confusions of our present circumstance, it is now. How important is this work of art which is a temple of art resting on this point in a beautiful bay? I say important beyond comprehension.