Pulling ideas forward

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the kings men and all the kings horses
Could not put Humpty Dumpty together again.

2008 ended an era. It was an awakening of what it means to go global. It was a death to naiveness about being able to act in isolation of everything and everyone else. Many assumptions about our way of life dissolved. The happenings of 2008 were foretold and felt many years before. Tiny fault lines in Humpty began showing up years ago. But like all systems in mature stages of development, behaviors had became more set, oblivious to outside challenges.

It's funny how when something falls apart we think we can simply put it back together again. Not this time. All systems mature and become obsolete over time. They leave only memories, not realities. Such is with the paradigm that just ended. It is gone. Now it is time to build anew and work our way forward with new systems. We need to adjust our lenses and watch for fresh ideas (once thought useless and ignored) to coagulate into somethings new, somethings closer to our dreams and hopes for today and tomorrow, not those of yesterday.

At this moment in time, I find myself letting go of assumptions, particularly for two concepts that I felt sure I had in hand. 1) What it takes to create healthy tomorrows, and 2) what and how "collaboration" plays a role in shaping tomorrow. I have been rewarded and honored for my actions with both. These two concepts have been a part of me most of my life. They have always worked hand-in-hand for me, but now in my quiet moments when I try get my hands around them, my sureness falls away, melting my knowingness.

It's not that I am throwing my knowledge about these ideas away. They are valuable and still useful. But I am glimpsing more, wanting to understand more, wanting to find ways to incorporate my understandings into a larger more potent context. My partner, Todd, and I have talked about this. There is a 'difference' we want to be making so that we can contribute to the 'difference that makes a difference' as we move our dreams forward.

We will be writing and talking about some nascent thoughts over the next several months.  We hope you will join us by making comments and contributing to our thoughts and possibilities...