It has been almost seven months since my last published journal. Five months and a few days ago my son, Owen, was born.  I have spent the better part of this time wondrously immersed in this new-to-me world of parenthood, in which "nothing is different but everything's changed," to use a lyric of Paul Simon's. Over this time, I've stepped back but stayed in touch with Tomorrow Makers projects and been actively engaged in many conversations of possibility.

After beginning several journal articles that have yet to find a finish, I'm taking a new tact. In the past, I've taken an essayist approach to these blogs. My intent going forward will simply be to share thoughts, ideas, connections in a  more-or-less real-time manner. Sometimes spontaneous, often without conclusion or artistic refinement, I hope to use this forum to express the flows of people, places, ideas and information as our paths cross.