Multiple Trys Over Time

In assembling complexity, the bounty of increasing returns is won by multiple tries over time. As various parts reorganize to a new whole, the system escapes into a higher order.

— Ilya Prigogine

Remember those times where you share your excitement about a 'new' idea with your colleagues or clients and they look you in the eye and say, "We tried that once and it didn't work."  All the enthusiasm drains out of your body as you see the door closing to the unfolding of a new possibility.  Sometimes people just can't stop talking about why it won't work as they base everything on a single try. 

Structure wins.  Paradigms are strong. They are created to maintain a structure, to create boundaries, to provide certainty to reality.  Imagine if every idea was accepted and given form and authenticity! Perhaps we would all be living in Alice's wonderland! ... a good story, but maybe not an everyday, everywhere way of living that any of us could sustain. 

Every solution, no matter how good or reasonable, fails overtime. It gives way to a higher order, a new solution more fit for the times and learnings of the past.  The old way lets go slowly and painfully. It holds on to what it knows.  Prigogene, tells us that it takes multiple trys before new ideas can create a new reality.  Each try, however, in some way changes the whole.  Each one pecks away at the existing structure. First trys are invisible in their effect, often rejected and ridiculed.  Process designers recognize this certainty and instead of giving up on a good idea, explore over and over, the best ways for it to 'attract' others to its way of becoming reality.   When there are enough trys from multiple vantage points, the boundaries of the existing paradigm weaken and give way to new, more fit ideas and ways of seeing reality.  It is common today, to call this giving way, a tipping point.  Suddenly there is a new framework, a new attracting structure taking form ... we have escaped out of our own previous successes and into a nacent, newly forming way of understanding our world. 

Few dispute the fact that our existing paradigms of war economies, consumer societies, competitive me or your thinking and  large-scale tightly controlled top down organizations are failing.  Most people, thanks to the media and the power of those still in control, focus is on this existing world. Yet, under the radar, in every culture, with all ages, economic and social realities, people are creating a new reality. They are assembling a new complexity more fit for the times and the problems we must solve.  Multiple trys are happening everywhere weakening the boundaries of what we have held as "the way" for many years. The old structure is dissolving, giving way to new formations -- a new freshly created paradigm. The old fights hard, it must maintain it's authenticity and reason for being. The new is fragile, hopeful, seed-like and beautiful to behold. 

The more we are open to these multiple trys, the better our chances of escaping to a higher order.  This new order seems to be forming around networks, self-organizing systems, collaboration, partnerships, and the re-framing  of what it means to be human.  We are working our way out of either/or and into an AND mentality. We are imagining ourselves -- all of us -- not just a few in old leadership positions -- as having valuable role to play in reshaping, recreating, remembering what we can really do for our planet Earth as members of the Human species.  We are escaping to a higher order! Let's put our energy here and attract our way into this reality!. It is time for planetary Group Genius