About Tomorrow Makers

Tomorrow Makers is a nonprofit corporation teaching leaders, communities and organizations how to design, facilitate and engage in collaboration powerful enough to transform the world and help Earth become healthy again.  

Tomorrow Makers’ roots in collaborative design go back more than three decades, beginning with the co-creation of MG Taylor Corporation in 1981. Our methods and processes have been taught, transferred and re-created by thousands of of corporations, government institutions, and not for profit organizations world wide. There are more than 1,200 practitioners in our network.  

In October 2018 we focussed our attention on a game to reinvent humanity’s operating system.

The Team

Hello! We’re Gail, Elisabet and Michael, or GEM for short.

Gail Taylor

I think I was lucky to be a teacher of very young children as my first career. They taught me so much. Mutual learning where teachers learned from students and students learned from each other was never considered in the school of education, especially with six-, seven- and eight-year-olds. And yet within the first few months of teaching in public education, it was clear to me that mutual learning created authenticity and trust. We had wonderful fun together growing with and for each other. Many of my current ways of thinking and acting developed during those few years with these young minds. I left the formal classroom 50 years ago taking with me new ways of working, teaching, and being. Since then, in all my undertakings I have been developing processes, methods, and content with and for adults that help all of us find our way back to that childlike wonder where I believe our answers to today’s challenges will arise.
— Gail Taylor

Gail is a celebrated participatory process designer featured by Fast Company and a co-author of the Group Genius methodology and DesignShops.

Gail brings more than five decades experience of group facilitation, instructional design and experiential learning to Tomorrow Makers. Gail uses a synergistic approach to link diverse parties, dissolve blocks of unhealthy competition, build trust and enable organizations and communities to tap into tacit and entrepreneurial knowledge.

Gail’s work has ranged from early childhood education to global corporations, start-up enterprises, not-for-profits and community.  In all circumstances Gail recognizes the dormant creativity within the group and awakens it to move forward toward healthy goals and new ways of working together.

Elisabet Sahtouris

The Globalization of humanity is a natural, biological, evolutionary process. Yet we face an enormous crisis because the most central and important aspect of globalization—its economy—is currently being organized in a manner that so gravely violates the fundamental principles by which healthy living systems are organized that it threatens the demise of our whole civilization.
— Elisabet Sahtouris

Elisabet is an internationally-known evolutionary biologist, futurist, speaker, author, and sustainability consultant who uses nature as a guide to design a better future for all.

As an evolution biologist and futurist Elisabet has travelled the globe to teach how Nature self-organizes its living systems and what humanity can learn from her to create living economies and make as many species as possible thrive, even on a hotter planet. She has presented to and conducted workshops for businesses, banks, governments, NGOs and conferences around the world. She has also convened two Foundations of Science Symposia, in Hokkaido, Japan and in Kuala Lumpur. Elisabet is a strong advocate for a Global Consortium of Sciences.

The birth of my daughter in 2014 was a real wakeup call for me because it meant I now had to do something concrete about the crises of our planet I’d been observing and commenting on for more than 30 years. What drives me is the vision of what the world could look like by her 21st birthday in 2035. I cannot think of a better 21st birthday gift than laying the foundations for the world we all know we desire.
— Michael Haupt

Michael Haupt

As a certified Strategic Foresight Practitioner, Michael has been trained by the Kedge Futures School on how to proactively plan and create the future. During his previous 25-year corporate career, Michael directed multi-million dollar technology projects in 16 cities on 6 continents. After leaving the corporate world in pursuit of a better world, Michael now actively Scans breaking developments in the robotics, artificial intelligence, deep data, computational logic, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and cognitive neuroscience space. His Focus is to work with technologists and activists to actualize an entirely new life system. He Acts by writing extensively on why this is necessary and how the process might work. (The Scan Focus Act model was created by MG Taylor in 1996).

Michael brings almost three decades of deep understanding of how technology impacts society, and more importantly how society can choose to use technological products to either serve society or serve their makers.

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