Let’s Conspire

To conspire, in its literal sense, means "to breathe together." It is an intimate joining.

Tomorrow Makers is an intimate joining of concerned individuals and groups to consciously and intentionally rethink the structure of society, fundamentally reassess our embedded assumptions of life, reinvent social and commercial institutions, imagineer new modes of organizing and coming together, and challenge the way humans currently distribute wealth and power. We recognize that the task ahead is far more complex than any individual or any group can accomplish on their own. We also recognize the seriousness of our situation and that there is a need for efficient and wise use of the resources available to us, including time and the innate desire for collaboration.

Our paradigm... sees humankind embedded in Nature. It promotes the autonomous individual in a decentralized society... The new perspective respects the ecology of everything: birth, death, learning, health, family, work, science, spirituality, the arts, the community, relationships, politics.
— Marilyn Ferguson, author, The Aquarian Conspiracy

How We Work and Play

Instead of having an advisory board, we are creating circles of conspirators to help us unfold major projects and ideas. Circles are multi contextual. Each will dissolve when their project is completed. Conspirators can then sign up for another circle or engage in other ways.

We’re looking for business and funding acumen; venue and logistics expertise; process design and facilitation; gamers and complimentary currency expertise; technologists; generalists and researchers building our warm data and library base; biologists other scientists; networkers for finding DS participants and other needed expertise; media and web designers; diversity of age and cultural backgrounds. 

  1. Sapiential Leadership: The word sapiential comes from a Latin root that means wisdom. Sapiential leadership recognizes that every person is wise in their own unique way—everyone has something to contribute, whether they are recognized as a traditional leader or not. In an environment like this, the leadership a group needs will emerge when it is needed, and it will change over time, as the group evolves and matures. If you’re new to sapiential leadership, read Gail Taylor’s two articles on Sapiential Leadership and Leadership at the Edge of Chaos.

  2. Liminal Leadership: The word liminal comes from a Latin root that means threshold. A threshold is like a doorway, a portal to something new and unknown. A threshold is also a boundary that marks a point of transition between one state and another, like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Liminal mindfulness is the art of finding, creating and using thresholds to create positive change. If you’re new to liminal thinking and leadership, read Nora Bateson’s article on Liminal Leadership and Dave Gray’s book, Liminal Thinking.

This way of coming together is not for everyone, because it is entirely different to the way organizations, nations, religions, or institutions organize and operate. We are not huge fans of project plans and at times things can become messy, because there is often uncertainty as we navigate the murky territory of inter-systemic change. Those of us who choose to come together all embrace a readiness to show up and do what needs to be done. We embrace improvization and mutual learning. We reject dogmatic reliance on past experience and insistence that “I have the answer.” We reject incremental changes to the system from within. We are fiercely committed to holding each other through the perfect storms of crises we are and will witness in the economy, ecology and society. We are willing to risk everything to help usher in a new way of living that honors the wellbeing of all living creatures, and we make no excuses. We acknowledge that our plan to face the confusion may not be perfect, but every day we commit to showing up completely, warts and all.

And at the heart of everything we do is play. We play with ideas, with each other, with sticky problems and relationships. Galumphing is part of our DNA.

Meet Our First Group of Conspirators