Why a Game?

Are you a SEHI, a Super-Empowered Hopeful Individual?

“What?!” you ask.

SEHI (pronounced SEH-hee) is someone who feels not just optimistic about the future, but also personally capable of changing the world for the better. SEHIs get their confidence from network technologies that amplify and aggregate individual ability to impact the common good.

SEHIs don’t wait around for the world to save itself. They invent and spread their own humanitarian missions. More importantly, they are able to do so with smaller numbers, greater speed, and a far larger impact than a slow-moving, risk-averse organization. Of course, in an ideal world, SEHIs would be able to band together and scale up their efforts—to avoid making redundant efforts, to learn from each other’s mistakes, to amplify each other’s abilities to make a difference. Disorganized SEHIs would have a hard time making significant strides. But organized SEHIs—well, they could change everything.

Here you can stop hoping that the world becomes more sane by some means, any means. Instead you can step into an imaginary world that over time becomes alive and real. If you are new to games, here is some research that will most likely inspire you and make it impossible for you not to find your way into our game for creating a new operating system for Humanity. And of course, if you are already a player, an epic player, you can be one of many stewards who will “have the back” of newbies; teach, help, and invent while scaling levels at an epic speed.

If you wonder why games are powerful, Tim Ferris’ Interview with Jane McGonigal, author of Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World and SuperBetter: A Revolutionary Approach to Getting Stronger, Happier, Braver and More Resilient--Powered by the Science of Games is a good exploration of the power of games. For more information visit the Games section of the Tomorrow Makers Library or watch Jane’s TEDx talk: