Our Partners

We are delighted and privileged to enjoy the support of the following partner organisations:

Tomorrow Makers is extremely proud to be a strategic ally of The Value Web. Our partnership with the Swiss-based, Not-for-Profit Organization enables us to leverage an international network of artists, designers, facilitators, educators, researchers, technologists, writers, social activists, and entrepreneurs who work tirelessly to tackle the most pressing challenges of our time.

The International Bateson Institute is a non-profit focused on the intersection of ecology, social change, health, economic issues, art, and education.  

Inspired by Batesonian concepts, a group of international scholars, artists, and professionals are developing the IBI's "transcontextual" research on how to study interactions in living systems.


Leap Forward are integrating new breakthroughs in Neuroscience with technology and spirituality to intentionally evolve our ability to unite and work together.


The Institute for Evolutionary Leadership is a hybrid social enterprise that combines a boutique consulting & training company and a cooperative community of practice.