In assembling complexity the bounty of increasing returns is won by multiple tries over time. As various parts reorganize to a new whole, the system escapes into a higher order.
— Ilya Prigogine

You have spent a significant part of your life working hard on the injustice you see around you. You are a tomorrow maker.

You and I — along with thousands, perhaps millions of others — create the future by design, not by default. We are tomorrow makers. 

Our time is now. Together we can progress exponentially further. And with more urgency and speed. Together we can weave art, music, beauty, ideas, technology, innovation, love of life for all species, and a deep collaborative process into our work. We can cross pollinate ideas and create entirely new potentials. 

We are not about politics and we are not at war.  We are tomorrow makers, rebooting humanity and forging a new understanding of our role as fellow humans.  We seek a new form of abundance and well-being that incorporates a love for our home, Planet Earth, and for all citizens and creatures who live here.

Individually and in small groups we have made multiple attempts over time. Some have been working for years learning, building relationships, using resources in new and promising ways, trying hard and sometimes failing, and occasionally making progress slower than desired. 

Now we — you and I — can take this moment in time to author an entirely new reality. Our talents and visions can create the larger narrative in which our individual stories fuel others to believe they too can join in a bootstrapping process to rewrite what it means to be human. We must not wait for the status quo to “fix” the existing power plays. They cannot.  

This is the first time we the people have the tools and linkages to play an active role in creating our future. Before it has been done for us, not with us.  

We are aware of a crumbling world, of war, poverty, neglect and false premises and promises. We also recognize this opportunity to reboot humanity is ours — ours to accept in gratitude, or reject in fear. 

This is a bold assumption, but one tomorrow makers are taking in hand and delivering brilliant ideas and constructive attitudes. 

Our next step is perhaps the most difficult.

To escape into a higher order we must find ways to bring all these parts into a whole living system. We are working our way out of the old paradigm of scarcity, parts, and either/or mentality. It is difficult, as we have all learned the rules of the paradigm we are leaving and choosing to go into new territory.

Before it was a few — mostly men — who created the rules. Often these individuals thought they were offering good ways forward, and perhaps they did — for a while. But how can a few men, no matter their orientation, create a world that works for all of us? Those of us working as tomorrow makers know that we the people, working collaboratively, will be the creators of a new reality.  

We need your partnership to create a narrative and a scaffolding to help us all come together to play and design and take our plans and ideas further through creating mutual contextualities of relationships. Here we will discover  ways to weave together new infrastructures, tools and cultures. Here we can redefine relationships, values, cultures to build a world of our making, peer-to-peer with rigor, feedback loops, vision and purpose. 

It is here — designing and working together — that we will discover how far we have come in our work.  

When Buckminister Fuller learned the US was sending a man to the moon and returning him safely within ten years, his comment was:

There are a million steps we must take.  Thank god, we have already taken 99 thousand!
— Paraphrased from Buckminister Fuller

This is us! We have taken many steps toward a healthier, more just world in our creations, our thoughts, our values.  Now it’s time to complete the journey. We have taken the first 99 thousand steps, and we have a little way to go yet. We are each taking part in the creation of a beautiful multi-colored, multi-cultured, multi-layered, forever changing tapestry.

We liken our intent to birth a new way of engaging with each other to this quote out of the Cluetrain Manifesto, published in 2000.

"In the market, language grew. Became bolder, more sophisticated. Leaped and sparked from mind to mind. Incited by curiosity and rapt attention, it took astounding risks that none had ever dared to contemplate, built whole civilizations from the ground up."

Old market places were peer-to-peer, people meeting each other sharing ideas, combining thoughts and talents, hopes and dreams.  Today local markets are doing the same with their organic locally produced foods and crafts. We now have the opportunity to reboot humanity from the largest perspective ever.  This is our dance, our time. But we can’t get it right without each other in partnership, tenacity, humility, mutual learning and a rich amount of art and play woven into the fabric of our process and evolution.  

We dream of coming together virtually on a web-based platform, physically in DesignShop processes and collaboratively in maker spaces. We are not about town hall meetings, lectures and presentations. We are builders, makers, artists, engineers, dreamers learning to take astounding risks to bootstrap a civilization from the ground up.  We come together in humility and appreciation for what we can do together.  

What we see changes who we become and what we find and make known with each other will not only change who we become, but what the world becomes.

Do you see yourself in this picture? Is this your quest? Do you tingle with excitement as you see the possibilities? Let’s take the next step towards emergent discoveries.  


These are questions we sometimes receive:

Q1. Who is behind this initiative?

  • Gail Taylor: Founder of Tomorrow Makers. Past initiatives: The Learning Exchange, 1972-79 Kansas City Missouri; MG Taylor Corporation, 1980 - 2002; Tomorrow Makers, 2002 - present
  • Michael Haupt: Executive Director, Project 2030 and author, Blockchain for Good. Past initiatives: 20 year corporate career implementing multi-million dollar technology projects, 1989 - 2010; Co-founder OpenDNA, 2013 - 2015; Advisor & Mentor, 2015 - present

Q2. What is your starting framework?

We offer the Project 2030 framework and narrative outline. You will receive a copy of the framework immediately after joining us. Together we will be creating the stories, doing the research, exploring global and local possibilities.

Q3. What are the criteria for being invited?

  • You, as an individual or group, are actively creating alternatives;
  • You are working on solutions, not fighting the old guard;
  • You bring spirit, knowhow, and a healthy view for what is possible;
  • You mostly agree with the Tomorrow Maker's Manifesto.

Q4. What commitment is expected of me?

  • No currency at this time. From time to time you may be invited to join and contribute to an initiative but the decision will always be yours.
  • As much time as you can comfortably provide. This will ramp up as we enroll and begin to add density and ownership for this project. There will never be, however, rules around time. It will be what you make of it.

Q5. What are your goals for 2018?

You will be joining an online community of like-minded souls who are:

  • Creating a platform and networking structure for online participation;
  • Creating a circle of players to help steward and guide;
  • Holding one F2F DesignShop for 100 participants - date to be agreed;
  • Ramping up and attracting strong participation

Q6. How will you know if you've been successful?

  • Over the next 12 years, we consistently create healthy alternatives that can be placed in the Tomorrow Makers market place, practiced and made viable;
  • That we learn to play, dance, fill our hearths with joy and create a movement that takes hold, accelerating the time to forge a new paradigm with our combined values and ethics at work;
  • We are serious. We understand the scale of what we are setting out to accomplish and have given this project due consideration and thought.

Q7. Can I invite others to join in this bootstrapping process?

Yes! If you consider them co-designers in the creation of our emerging paradigm.

Q8. With so many other initiatives and my limited time, why should I collaborate here?

There are multiple wonderful projects networked around a subject or area of focus like “capitalism” or “environment” or “poverty” or "food security" and many others. We have found none that are creating a framework to bring all the parts together. Once we begin doing this, solutions will begin to network, create linkages, and find ways to weave different perspectives together.

Emergence happens slowly, steadily, then suddenly––the human brain coming “online” in one epoch-making instant, a dance circle at a music festival sprouting from one to two to hundreds. Feedback loops are what turn busy little organisms into one coherent superorganism.

We welcome you with open arms and hearts!

“As the feedback loops grew shorter in the course of evolution and their fidelity increased, there must have been a threshold where consciousness quite suddenly emerged.”


Q9. What do I do if I have a question which hasn't been answered?

Tap that little envelope button below - we'll reply as quickly as we can.