Tomorrow Makers celebrate working together to design and give form to actions creating healthy tomorrows. Humankind is in the midst of a paradigm shift and we, the people, perhaps for the first time, hold the capability to steward the changes we hold dear toward unimagined healthy possibilities.

The videos below show but two of many organizations designing tomorrow. Each is unique and yet reveals similar characteristics that include:

• Short-term actions embedded within long-term frameworks.
• High expectations of all participants with a hunger to deal with differences and entangled situations.
• Deep, richly focused and exploratory collaborative conversations.
• Whole systems design which includes the environment, technology, participants and facilitators. There is no out there.
• Inclusive and appreciative of the many modes of learning in the room.
• Generally includes 35 to 150 participants allowing for healthy representation of various points of view.
• Specifically designed to perturb and support emergent ideas and help move them into action.



Watershed Partners features the ongoing process of trust. Trusting oneself and the community in which one takes part.  Trusting oneself to learn, share, reflect, iterate and take old ideas into entirely new realms of possibility and action with others in deep collaboration.

Architectz of Group Genius features the promise of practice.  Their labs encapsulate participants within a complex, complete system of exploration and possibility.  Participants leave with a fuller sense of self and the community within which they want to thrive.