Big Mind, Geoff Mulgan, 2017

I think this is a must read for tomorrow makers.  There is a lot we do naturally, almost without examination. This book asks us to stop and reflect, upon the possibility that if we get good at collective intelligence, we can remain requisite with the rates of change.  When Matt and I began MG Taylor Corporation in 1980, collaboration was a mystery and greatly feared by almost everyone we talked to.  The idea of a group larger than three being able to make decisions was considered ridiculous.  Yet, when people actually did come together and began to collaborate, they felt the naturalness, the warmth of feeling, the sense of play. Yes, there were the struggles, the creative tensions that cause anxiety, but generally, as one client at a time survived and was excited by their outcomes,  awareness grew that in fact collaboration and critical design were worth the risk if they wanted real change.  

That was nearly 40 years ago and people don't think of collaboration as scary and "airy-fairy" as we used to hear.  Organizations still try and keep collaboration to a minimum. Many still insist that transformations should be short and sweet.  This book offers good insights and explores many different situations.