A complete reinvention of how we humans live on Earth requires an entirely different perspective, adopted at scale.

A new perspective is now feasible and timely, with new decentralized technologies at our disposal—including blockchain and collaborative platforms—along with massive spiritual and scientific awakening to our Oneness, the desire of the world’s people for peace, and the growing recognition that moving from hostilities to harmonies is essential to our survival.

The Tomorrow Makers Working Axioms are the framework, the guiding principles, our North Star within which humanity will realize our reinvention.

Working Axioms

  1. Humanity is embedded within a living Earth, which in turn is embedded within a living Universe, forming a nested self-organizing holarchy.

  2. All species are inherently intelligent and tend to follow a natural maturation cycle from youthful, competitive expansion to mature, cooperative communion.

  3. Globalized humanity is at the tipping point - a rite of passage - between its youthful and mature phases, reflected in our navigating a perfect storm of crises.

  4. Choices we now make together as conscious agents will determine our path toward either  devastating regression or the possibility for all living beings to thrive.

  5. The mechanistic hierarchical systems that served humanity’s youthful phase have now become our greatest threat to realizing our maturity.

  6. Building the required holarchic systems to support our maturity must be a global collaboration among diverse human cultures, initiated and developed by ‘we the people’ of all generations, present and future.

  7. Recognizing that we are prisoners of old ways of thinking, we see that higher levels of complex thinking are required to match our world’s increasing complexity. We use game theory and a game to stimulate complex systems thinking, knowing that once systems thinking is adopted in place of reductive thinking, design of self-organising governance is facilitated.

  8. Intentionally seeking the interface between inner and outer development is essential to our rite of passage, individually and collectively.

  9. All human cultures have Nature in common and those who have survived longest have embraced its guidance, along with core human values, playfulness, celebration and galumphing.

  10. The dominant globalized culture made Ecology subservient to Economy by reducing Nature to a collection of resources for human use, while a wise society - an Ecosophy - would nest the economy harmoniously into Nature’s ecosystems.

  11. New technologies, notably collaborative platforms and gaming, can enable our transcendence from linear, mechanistic hierarchies to self-organising holarchies informed by Nature.

  12. When the principles of healthy living systems are obeyed at every embedded layer of holarchy -  from family to community to ecosystem to Earth - we will be realizing our destiny as a mature humanity.