Your Invitation to Apply to Attend the Next DesignShop

A Tomorrow Makers DesignShop is a community, movement, and a series of experiences designed to birth Group Genius. This collective wisdom that emerges from each DesignShop, together with Nature as our guide, are the key components of how we will—collectively— build a new operating system for humanity.  Each DesignShop occurs with the conscious intention of connecting and catalyzing a community of inspiring individuals concerned about our future. These individuals come from diverse disciplines, industries, cultures, age groups, beliefs and perspectives but are united by a common desire: a better future for all.

If you did not do what you did today, for example, the entire world would be in some way different.
Your acts ripple outward in ways that you do not understand, interacting with the experience of others, and hence, forming world events. The most famous and the most anonymous person are connected through such a fabric, and an action seemingly small and innocuous can end up changing history.
— Jane Roberts, The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression, 1979

A few things to know:

  • DesignShops are all about mutual exploration and learning. Three perspectives are worked on simultaneously: personal development, community development, and the restoration of Earth.

  • By taking part in creating a new operating system for humanity, participants will deepen their understanding of intelligence and how nature learns; how to shift their own mindsets while helping others do the same;  co-create a long range world view that facilitates all people, all species enjoying a healthy lifestyle; and the core process of creating a life-giving game for all humanity. 

  • Diversity of participants is critical. Young and old working together; cultures from around the world, those not being served well by the existing system and those more fortunate; activists from all the UN goals and ordinary citizens trying to make better choices, create a better world. 

  • DesignShops are not about answers or final decisions; rather each one is open for emergence and the weaving together of many different elements unfolding pathways forward.

If you’re ready to apply, complete the form below:

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