Tomorrow Makers is a nonprofit corporation teaching leaders, communities and organizations how to design, facilitate and engage in collaboration powerful enough to transform the world and help Earth become healthy again.  

Tomorrow Maker's roots in collaborative design go back more than three decades, beginning with the co-creation of MG Taylor Corporation in 1981.  Our methods and processes have been taught, transferred and re-created by thousands of of corporations, government institutions, and not for profit organizations world wide. There are more than 1200 practioners in our network.  

This is the presentation we created for the Institute of Evolutionary Leadership. It received great feedback. We are really at the beginning of this project so stayed tuned.

The Tomorrow Makers Game: Creating a New Operating System for Humanity.

In October 2018 we focussed our attention on a game to reinvent humanity. You can watch our introductory explanation below:

A brief overview of how TomorrowMakers intends upgrading humanity's operating system, through playful engagement in a global, infinite game.